Importance of SEO

When you enter the world of blogging, you must often hear about SEO .what is SEO ?Seo is an important element in building a successful website . SEO function is to attract traffic Based on the keywords in your writing , title , or your web address.

SEO like a life time on your website.Even more so if you have a business website .More incoming traffic to your website , the more items you can sell. many bloggers who have used SEO techniques wisely though not for business purposes .

What is SEO

SEO is a summary of the Search Engine Optimization.If language is the easy way to optimize what you do on your blog so that your blog listed on search engines like google , yahoo , bing , etc.

What is the function of SEO

The main purpose of SEO for a blogger who uses SEO techniques is to get traffic from search engines.Then a new connection with pagerank , eaning and others.But the main purpose is traffic from search engines.

Is SEO important for blogging

On the importance on blogger traffic to their blog , YES .And least know basic SEO.For bloggers who just berblogging diary , hang out, or just have a blog berblogging , SEO is not very important .

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